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Welcome and get ready to open your eyes to a whole new deal of web hosting.. We offer some of the cheapest valued dedicated hosting that stomp down our competitors with ease, we have excellent service which we excel in, our technical team is the kind of team you can trust with your site, each of our web servers are well maintained by professionals.

Featured Solutions

  • SEO Optimization
  • Domain Services
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Protection
  • Web Development
  • Custom Application

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We provide low-cost and reliable dedicated hosting on an ultra-fast gigabit network. Our services are oriented towards experienced Unix/Windows users, system administrators and developers.

Bonus ! Install Anything ...

Customize your server anyway you want with root level access to install everything.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Customized dedicated server configurations, fully managed 24x7x365 by certified hosting experts.

Server Monitoring

Each server enjoys around-the-clock server uptime monitoring and service restoration. If your server is not responding, we'll reboot and monitor to insure there are no hardware faults. You can sleep tight knowing you have a partner working to keep you up and running.

More Than Dedicated

COL-BIZ offers several levels of managed services with our dedicated servers. Whether you need a fully managed 100% hands-off solution or just a little technical help here and there, we have a managed dedicated server solution that will fit your needs and budget.